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ROG has recently changed the Power LED behaviour on its GPUs.

On older generations of GPU, a white light would always indicate standard operation in all power states. The behaviour has since changed so that the GPU can be better incorporated with the rest of the system's Aura Sync lighting effects.


The new behaviour for 12VHPWR 16-pin ROG graphics cards is as follows depending on what power cabling is used.


Supplied 8 Pin to 16 Pin 12VHPWR Adapter

  • No LED: System on and power cable correctly installed.
  • RED LED: Shutdown, Hibernation or Sleep.


Example: System powered off using supplied 8-pin to 16-pin 12VHPWR Adapter.



Native 12VHPWR Cable

  • No LED: Cable is correctly installed.
  • RED LED: Check GPU & PSU power connections.



If your ROG 3000 or 4000 series GPU Power Indicator LED remains when system is in use:

  • Ensure the power connector is fully inserted into the GPU, the cable should be flush with the connector.

  • Ensure the power connector(s) are fully inserted into the PSU.
  • If not using a native 12VHPWR cable, use the adapter supplied with the GPU or ensure the adapter is from a reputable source.


  • Ensure all 8-pin connectors are used when using the 12VHPWR adapter.

  • Ensure to not stress the cable as per the illustration below.














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3000 Power LED.JPG


2000 Power LED.JPG








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