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Community Admin
Community Admin
A year has passed since the launch of the ROG Ally, let's take a look at how it has evolved with the help from feedback received in the community. Feel free to leave more suggestions here.

More gyro functions and settings

• Gyro sensitivity
• Gyro dead zone setting 
• Gyro input setting
• Gyro tuning Axis
• Anti-dead zone
• Gyro smoothness adjustment


TDP Slider

Provide a more convenient and direct way to modify the TDP values in Command Center instead of going to the operating mode section of Armoury Crate SE.


Joystick calibration and sensitivity adjustments


“End Task” and other Command Center buttons


Lower the Minimal Brightness to 10 nits

Gamers like to play in dark environments. So we changed the minimal brightness from 25 nits to 10 nits for those who want it, handy for prolonging battery life.


Support 30W Third Party Adapters

Adjusted Turbo behavior to support Third party adapters and docks at 30w instead of 25w


In-game UI Enhancements

Provide more UI options for gamers to monitor FPS & system info in real-time


More Resolution Options

Provide more resolution options: 1080p / 900p (new!) / 720p for gamers that want to balance smoothness with resolution


More VRAM Allocation Options

The default VRAM allocation is 12+4. As some game titles will require more VRAM to avoid lag, gamers can manually allocate
anywhere from 1-8GB to VRAM for improved performance.


One-Stop Shop for Updates

Updates could be difficult for the users, they needed to go to multiple places — MyASUS for BIOS, iGPU driver, and MCU, but ACSE
for new settings and functionality. So we integrated the updates into the same place — now BIOS, GPU, and MCU all update in ACSE.


One-Stop Shop for System Configuration

Everything you need to tune, tune it in Armoury Crate SE. From advanced AMD settings like RSR to joystick sensitivity curves
and more, we’ve added new functions to Armoury Crate SE and the Command Center for a more seamless, customizable


Want to know what's coming in Armoury Crate SE 1.5 and see some screenshots?

You're welcome.



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Level 7

I have a suggestion. Make it FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH HELLDIVERS 2 on Steam. Then, I might consider purchasing the ROG Ally X for Christmas or my Bday. Until then, my Z1 is goin in the drawer. It’s a hot, overheating piece of 🐕💩.

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