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In case you didn't know, gyro functionality in the ROG Ally was added this year. What does that mean for you? Well, it really depends what you play, and whether you are interested in finding better ways to gain an advantage or feel more immersion. Much of my gaming time is consumed by racing games. 


While there are excellent racers who have mastered the joystick for racing, more people require a steering wheel for precision driving and a more realistic experience. What happens if you're on the go? 


Give these settings a try in racing games such as Project Cars 3


Getting the gyro tuned to the way you play is not so hard if you start with these settings. Obviously, the sensitivity can vary from person to person, so feel free to tweak that first. 

In racing, you want a responsive feel without a deadzone in the middle so you can attack the straights hard (which aren't perfectly straight) without losing control.  Remove the deadzone and ramp up the anti-deadzone.


Leave the gyro always on so you don't have to enable it just to steer. Just remember to keep the Ally level so the cursor doesn't scroll around uncontrollably while in the game menu. 

There, eeeeeeeeasy.


Test these out and share what you think are the best gyro settings in your favorite game! Let's start a collection here for the benefit of the community.


Level 7

Gyro sensitivity 80% in Better Resalt.

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