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z790 tuf plus wifi d4 Sound issue

Level 7

In this video Sound Issue , hopefully you can hear the "dings" that I am hearing.

I just upgraded to a 12700k, Asus z790 tuf D4 motherboard and 32gb Corsair vengeance ram. I unfortunately had to also replace my power supply as the new MB was not playing nice with my old PS (like it would not boot).

Either way, everything seems to work fine but I do notice one thing with the sound. When watching youtube videos where someone is just talking (like one of the digital foundry videos), I notice at points where there is a somewhat high pitched sweak, like a light vibrating sound or something somewhat when the speakers voice gets high (sorry its the best way I can explain it). I don't know if its reverb I am hearing or if its a treble thing or not. Its not that its loud but I can notice it, especially when turning the volume up high. It tends to be distracting. I don't hear it when playing games, listening to music on youtube or pandora where the sound is going through the speakers.

I did not have this with my older MB. I don't know if it is a driver issue either. It seems to be only with computer speakers and not with my headphones. My speakers are older insignia (they show up as 4 - high definition audio device like they should) and they are set to 32 bit, 48000hz (studio quality), not sure that it makes a difference between 24 bit or not. I don't think the speakers themselves are the issue either.

Overall, just not sure what the issue would be since my old setup (8700, Asus z390-h, 16gb ddr4 ram) did not have this "issue".