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Level 7

Hi everyone,

I am having some audio issues with the Z790.

With the Line Out jack, if I choose 384KHz, the volume is small and barely noticeable. Switching to 192KHz, it starts to pump up about 30%. At 384KHz, it pops and cracks a lot when starting up and switching apps. Even though I set the amplifier to Extreme.

With the Headphones jack, it happens the same, but the volume in general is much higher, about 50%, than the Line Out jack. So I ended up with 192KHz via Headphone jack because it has decent volume output and fewer pops and cracks @@

I've reported this issue to ASUS Vietnam, and they said that is the features =)) which is ridiculous. I didn't have any problems with the previous mainboard Z690 HERO. I also replied and told them to quickly release fixes via driver or firmware updates. But I don't think they care and are aware of this issue. I'm really frustrated after upgrading my whole PC to this new mainboard and having this stupid audio issue.

Is anyone there having the same problems as mine? Do you guys have any solution for this? Thank you!


Level 9

I know this doesn't exactly solve your problem, but there's virtually nothing available that's even sampled at 384, you are running things unnecessarily high, unless you're in the Pro Audio space, but if you were, onboard audio isn't the ticket anyway.

You can try Mokichu's drivers from his thread, they are a lot newer than what Asus has on the download page, maybe that will help out.

Also, I don't believe that Line Out is an amplified output, you wouldn't want it to be, you want it at "line level" hence "line out".

192 is plenty and even then, very little is available at that rate, games for example are nowhere near that. However, the few 192 songs I come across on Amazon Music sound incredible, that's where headphone or speaker quality really starts to shine through.

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Level 7

Hey FixItWorse and vietquang_223,

Unfortunately I have the same issue, crackling sound when Speakers are Idle for a couple of seconds. I tried downloading the drivers from Mokichu as other people recomended from other posts to no avail. I formatted my computer to Windows 10 to verify if it was not a Windows related issue but it kept doing the same thing ever without drivers installed.

I have also tried resetting the BIOS. Updating everything to the latest Versions, playing with the Audio frequency from the lowest to the highest, changing some Registry entries and even disabling all other Audio devices from Device Manager. I even tried to trick it by enabling the Stereo Mix from the Recording devices and puting it in Listening Mode in order to make it NOT to disable sound input. That worked in Windows but while playing games, during convesations especially, is very noticeable as I can hear the crackling sound as soon as a Character stops/Starts speaking no matter the settings.

For the record my speakers are the Logitech Z906 which require 3 x 3.5mm jacks (FL/FR, Center/Bass and RL/RR).

I am not quite sure if this can be considered a feature or a bug, but this is not the proper way of a so called "feature" on a motherboard that comes with its own crackling system....