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Z790 MAXIMUS HERO - AI OC issues

Level 8
Hello, I noticed, that after updating to the latest BIOS listed on the website - 0703 AI OC function is having issues with chromium and electron apps. They tend to crash randomly. The apps I am talking about are Discord, League of Legends client or NZXT cam or anything else in electron. Google Chrome tabs can crash randomly as well. In gaming though there aren't such problems. When I disable AI OC and put it on auto, everything works great with those apps again, that's how I know it's because of it.

The BIOS version 0502 worked fine with AI OC enabled. CPU is water-cooled and have more than enough room and other fans to keep everything cool, it's definitely not about temperatures. Those crashes are happening when the CPU is basically idle too, no high temps, no high usage, nothing running in background that would put the CPU into stress. I am currently using test BIOS 0031 version from Shamino here on the forum, although it's much better, it still randomly crashes, just less.

Intel ME firmware and driver is also installed to the latest one that I could find on Asus website for this motherboard with the rest of the drivers, windows 11 updates etc. all done

Do asus need to optimize this AI OC feature for new boards with the update, or is there something else I am missing?

Thank you.

Level 8
I just want to add that the error that appears in those crashes and sometimes even game crashes now is this one below. It's pretty random and after each restart it's either less or more common (probably due to how the AI OC changes values by itself).


I am going to try the latest bios posted here - 0803 and perhaps it's going to be a bit better, hopefully. Otherwise AI OC feature won't be of much use until fixed.

UPDATE: Sadly bios update didn't help, got blue screen on desktop 3 mins after login to windows 😕

Same problem here.  Still have found no way to avoid it. 

Level 7

I am having the same problem. On Asus z790 Hero. Once I turn AI overclocking off, the crashes stop. Something is very wrong with AI overclocking. I'm on bios v1202 now and same issue. Was working fine on bios v0816. Asus, please help!

Level 10

Strange.  My AI OC works fine since 0703.  I have Z790 Hero.    I am now running 1303.  If you go into BIOS.  What is your Cooler Score?  The higher the score, the more AI calculate number of P Core at higher clock speed.  If you are having issue, maybe manually defined the score lower.   Set AVX offset 1 or 2. 

Note:  i have a delid 13900K.   I was able to use SVID behavior: Best Case Scenario.   Asus Multicore enhancement: Enable = Remove All Limit.  during Cinebench R23, the power draw is around 260 Watt, and score around ~40500.  You will need to play around to find what is optimal for your CPU, Memory and you silicon lottery.


I will try your suggestions and repost the status. Thanks so much for the pics and the reply, its very helpful!