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Z790-i display over thunderbolt 4

Level 7

On my Asus ROG strix z790-i board I have 13900F (no integrated graphics) and intel arc a770

I'm trying to use my thunderbolt 4 dock (razor tb4 chroma) that I use for my work laptop (that connects peripherals and two 4k 60hz monitors Samsung S80 w/ usb c connection) 

When I connect the dock, I only get peripherals connected but NOT monitors. 

I also tried to go from monitor to tb4 via USB c and doesn't connect either.  

And trying to connect to other USB C 20g ports shows windows error notification saying "Display function might be limited" and doesn't connect. 

I don't know if it's the mb not supporting the connection or mb is bad. 

(I did enabled all thunderbolt pie tunneling and discrete settings)

Running on latest BIOs and MB setups...

Any help or insights will be greatly appreciated 



Level 7

Ok, well I found my own answer.  MB itself wasn't the issue, it was the CPU. 

13900F doesn't have integrated graphics and TB4 ports only is able to forward the signal through the CPU's integrated graphics. 

Ended up getting 13900K and works fine now.