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Z790-i boot issue if gpu and thunderbolt connected

Level 7

It seems i finally got my pc to turn on quickly, in less than 30 sec or so. Until now it took 7-10 minutes to turn on PC because it rebooted all the time, Hive lights went Red-Orange, restart, Red-Orange, restart. Normally thrid time succeeded but then it took minutes to load bios, and then anther 3-4 minutes to load Windows. 

My PC is 13700K, 2x32GB g.skill ripjawas s5 6400 (xmp I enabled), GPU Asus 4070 dual, and 2x2tb SDD. 

It seems the Z790-i runs into reboot cycle when monitor is connected to GPU and thunderbolt 4. After moving Thunderbolt cable end in my pc to USB 3.2 port, pc turns on super fast without any rebooting.