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Z790 HERO with XMP 7200 fails

Level 8

Hi all, first I'm sory for my english 'm not a native english speaker. So I have read dozens of posts but I haven't found a solution to my problem with my new build. In short: When set XMP (XMP1, XMP2, XMP tweak) profile ram is not stable. Hundreds erros in memtest86 from start. Highest stable setting is 6400. It passes all memory tests. Both mobo and memory are on their QVL list. More detailed examination is below.

My build is:

  • mobo: ROG Z790 MAXIMUS HERO (last bios 1202)
  • cpu: i7 13700KF
  • ddr: 2x 16 GB G.SKILL TRIDENT Z5 RGB 7200 CL34-45-45-115 1.40V (F5-7200J3445G16GX2-TZ5RK)
  • psu: ROG STRIX 850W
  • vga: ROG STRIX RTX 4070Ti OC

Memory modules are installed in A2/B2. I tried modify voltage and timings and update bios but without success. In fact, this is beyond my knowledge and I don't know what to do and how to set it up. Then I tried sticks separately with the 7200 speed in slot A2 and then B2 with very strange results.

  • RAM1 A2 fails from test start - hundred errors
  • RAM1 B2 all test passes
  • RAM2 A2 fails from test start - hundred errors
  • RAM2 B2 1 error test8

RAM1 have 49 celsius, RAM have 51 celsius.

Is it possible that mobo or memory are bad and shoud I return it? I thing maybe rams are bed. Otherwise in SPD and up to 6400 with both sticks is all stable. So maybe there is only problem with compatibility and all hardware is ok. What do you think? Tomorow is last day I can return components. So I would need to make sure that the components are ok and I don't have to worry about the problem in the future and that replacing the components won't solve the problem.

If there is not problem with HW, can you please advise how to set volting and timing if it helps? I'm already frustrated with it.



Hello silent i have some hardware and some problem can you explane this pls in not find the test and not understand what i must do.


Level 7

For example my i9-13900K with Z790 HERO BIOS 1202 and 4x16GB 7200MHz F5-7200J3445G16GX2-TZ5RK 16-Gbit A-die works as maximum on 6600MHz and 2x24GB 8000MHz F5-8000J4048F24GX2-TZ5RK 24-Gbit M-die works as maximum on 7800MHz.

I have read many times that with 4 pieces the stability is very uncertain and the speed often has to be reduced. I'm fine with that too. The problem is that the processor has a fundamental influence on this. As in my case, it's a lottery.

Level 8

Well I have an update. Turns out zero errors was a fluke or because the system was cold. Repeated memtests and trying different Tweak Modes and I can’t get to zero errors repeatedly. It’s always 1-10 errors. So I’ve been dropping speed and running memtest in parallel mode at 16 threads. So far I can only get 6400 at cl34 to pass zero errors repeatedly with 4x 16gb 7200 cl34 XMP I sticks. 

If this were a gaming rig I’d probably just run at 7000 and it would be fine. But these are for work and I need them to not crash and take workloads overnight and weekends on occasion. So I’ll take the 6400 over 5600 i guess. 6400 is still twice as fast as the 3200 and 9900k I’m upgrading from 👍🏻

I’m building up the second identical system now and will report back its results. 

13900KS | Z790 Hero | 4x 16gb 7200 C34 @ 6400 C32 | RTX A2000 | 990 Pro 2TB | 850W 90+ Titanium

Sounds like you're combining kits.

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Nope, I have 4 identical 2x 16gb 7200 C34 44-44-96 Corsair kits. Neither run zero errors with all four sticks at 7200. Any combination of timings or settings will result from hundreds of errors to tens of errors. 
On the bright side they both run 6400 C32 40-40-84 and pass 4 passes of memtest using 16 cores. I copied those timings from a 6400 Corsair kit. I’m happy enough with this result. I even added a 40mm noctua ram fan with the ROG bracket lol. 

Here are the two identical systems results ready to go into service:

13900KS, Z790 Hero bios 1202, 4x 16gb 6400 C32 1.45V, 2tb 990 Pro nvme, RTX A2000, Corsair H150i, 850W 90+ Titanium, be quiet! Silent Base 802

SP 108, 107

Cooler 154, 156

MC SP 83, 78

13900KS | Z790 Hero | 4x 16gb 7200 C34 @ 6400 C32 | RTX A2000 | 990 Pro 2TB | 850W 90+ Titanium

Even combining 2 identical kits counts as combining kits.  The sticks within the kits are matched, but the 2 kits are not matched with each other..  What would be considered "not combined kits" would be a 4 x 16gb kit.

If you say so 🤷‍♂️ it’s disappointing not to run 7g ram but 6400 C32 is still pretty darn good. I need the 64gb more than I need an extra ounce of speed at work.

 I ran into a similar issue on my z490 home rig a few years ago trying to get ddr4 5000 to run, gave up and went 3600 C14 and it’s rock solid. 

Corsair only sells 64gb kits up to 6400 and 6600 C32 and 6800 C40. Wonder why 🤔 lol

13900KS | Z790 Hero | 4x 16gb 7200 C34 @ 6400 C32 | RTX A2000 | 990 Pro 2TB | 850W 90+ Titanium

Its not a matter if I say so or not, that's what it is.

You can call it whatever you want but it doesn’t matter. Why do you think the retail kits from the same vendor cap out at the same speeds I am able to get to run stable with four sticks? There isn’t some magic binning and matching that will overcome the timings limitations at high speeds and four sticks. 

13900KS | Z790 Hero | 4x 16gb 7200 C34 @ 6400 C32 | RTX A2000 | 990 Pro 2TB | 850W 90+ Titanium