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Z790 Hero - USB 2.0 Header (Keyboard not recognize at Boot)

Level 9
Any help with this topic? I have my keybaord plug in using the USB 2.0 header. During the boot, it won't recognize the keybaord. I get no keybaord error. I like the boot screen and this error disrupt the boot logo with keyboard error. Also, i cant get into bios at all if its plug in to the usb 2.0 header. Yes.. i know i can plug it into USB 3 in the back. But, i really hate to plug 2.0 device into 3.0, plus i have tons of other stuff already used up back panel.

Yes, USB 2.0 header is working.. because once it boot into windows, my keyboard and mouse receiver works with usb 2.0.

Currently, the work around i have is plug a old wireless keyboard receiver into usb3.0. But why should i plug in another keyboard receiver just to make the no keyboard warning go away? Any setting i can do to make usb 2.0 works at boot?

Level 7

I lost the USB 2.0 devices I had connected to the USB 2.0 ports in the back of the MB AFTER, I installed the Realtek USB Audio driver.  What I did to recover them was to run a repair of the Intel Management Engine Interface V2251.4.2.0(SW 2306.4.10.0) For Windows 10/11 64-bit.  Not sure why they overwrite each other. 

Hope this helps

Level 9

My USB 2.0 header is working after booting into the windows.  Its just not working at boot time, nor usable during the bios session.  I did have the latest MEI.  Disabled Realtek since day 1.