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Z790 Hero Board and Ram

Level 7
So I upgraded to the z790 Hero MB with a 13900K CPU. I then bought 2 identical kits of G Skill Trident Z Ram-DDR5-6800 2x 16GB. Installed everything and at stock speeds all is well.

Tried to run any XMP profile and machine no longer boots to windows.

Is this caused by the two identical ram kits? I read the stickied thread explaining not to mix ram kits. In the vein that you can have speed and not capacity or the other way around.

Super Moderator

Although the sticky is old I moved it to this sub-section because these laws are somewhat static.

1) Memory kits are binned in the density they are sold in.

2) When combined, we eat into the "guardband" put in place by the memory vendor to insure the best possible chance these will work at the kits rated speeds, voltages, and timings.

3) 6800MT in that density likely won't be possible. You will need to either tune the system manually or return both memory kits for a matched set.
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Level 9
Get a 2x32GB kit if you want 64GB.

4 sticks is much harder to run then 2 with DDR5.

Hello motoguy1251,

If you're just gaming 32GB is more than enough and speed is king, I'd keep one kit and return the other.

The fastest 64GB Trident Z5 kit I see is 2x32GB 6400 cl32.

So, because you're running 4 sticks, you'll have to settle for a lower Dram frequency at say 6000MT/s.

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