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Z790 Hero - BIOS 1202 WHEA errors in Cinbench

Level 10

I install the newest bios 1202.  Upgrade from 0904.   After update to 1202.  I notice in event manager, i get a lot of WHEA errors.   Cinbench would crash.   

My system 13900K delid.  32GB 7200MHz.  BIOS setting: XMP Tweaked, 7400Mhz.  AI Overclock.   Manually set AI Score to 178.

Here is what i notice: with BIOS 0904 and 1202, the HwMonitor Voltage IA = 1.416.

With BIOS 0816, it would be at 1.461.

With BIOS 0816, my system would be very stable.  My guess is because of IA voltage been high.

with BIOS 0904 and 1202, it was low.   Perhaps that is why i get WHEA errors in stress test? 

For now, i have back it down to 0816 for stability and higher score on Cinebench.


Level 10

I got it stable on 1202.   It seem the clue was the HWInfo on IA.   Both BIOS, i have set LL4.  But 0816 has higher IA (1.461) begin with.  LL4 Drops be higher VID on cores than 0904 or 1202 with IA = 1.416.  on 1202, i update it LL5.

On 1202, i also update the Cooler score to 181. IA now is at 1.446.   not sure if its because i update the Cooler score to 181 that cause the IA to be higher or it is because of the LL5?

Other observation on 1202.  HWInfo seem to take longer to scan the system.  On 0816, it was very quick to load the HWInfo.

Also, although i have the 1202 stabilize.  The Cinbench R23 score seems to be lower than when i was on 0816. 

1202, i am getting 40420.

0816, i am getting 40640.

Just seem odd...

Level 10

Edit to above comment.  As soon as i finish typing and submit above comment.   System Crash.  😞  it isnt even running anything except typing above comment.   Back down to 0816 for stability, higher Cinebench score and faster response system.

Level 9

I guess if you manage to back from 1202 to 0816 is because you did not update the ME firmware, and this is actually recommanded to updated to latest version with the 1202, so this it may be the reason you got the crashes and WHEAs because you running old version of ME with latest bios.

Level 10

@BenchAndGames Looks like that did it. Thanks for the tip.  I update to the latest ME firmware.

With 1202 and 2225.  for now, i was able to complete Cinebench R23 with score of 40768.   using AI cooler score of 178.  Not bad at all.

Level 10

Unfortunately, that Cinibench score with bios 1202 was a fluke.  I am unable to reproduce it.  It is now pretty much settle around 40200.  after almost 5 days BIOS  1202.   Is it stable? Yes.  but lower score then i expected.  

My ME firmware is:  MEI driver: 2306.4.3.0

I have flush back down to BIOS: 0816.  My typical Cinebench R23 score around:40500-40600.