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Z790 Hero - 128 GB Ram Problem

Level 7
I have Asus Z790 Hero Mother board with 4 x 32 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 5600 Mhz ram ( CMH64GX5M2B5600C36 )
I can use two of them at 5600 Mhz without any problem. Unfortunately I havent manage to run 4 x 32 GB ram at 5600 MHZ 😞
I tryied BIOS 0703, 813 and the latest 816 with no luck. Each time I reset the bios to optimised default. Tried XMP 1 profile and still no luck.
Could you anybody give me advise that what should I do to get 5600 Mhz with 128 GB ram setup?
Thanks in advance.

Level 12
Do you have the Bios version 0816 yet? It is noted for having support for high capacity DDR5 kits.
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Level 11
hi Koray,

This is the exact kit I want to put into my new build and just came here to inquire about it. Were you able to hit XMP3, (5600mhz) speed set in bios with it and stay stable. You do know you can't mix kits, right? And I don't remember these coming in a 12gb kit. The highest I found was 64 gbs. Hopefully someone that has achieved what you're trying to do chimes in.
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Level 9

I purchased 2 X Trident Z5 RGB (F5-5600J3636D32GX2-TZ5RK) for a total of 127GB. Installed in my ROG Z690-E Gaming WIFI motherboard with the latest BIOS 2305.

Outcome: Unable to hit 5600 Mhz no matter what I try.

What I did: Flash BIOS, set to XMP 1, downgrade to 4600 Mhz. Been rock stable since. Sad that it is not able to hit 5600 Mhz. Hope that future BIOS upgrade will resolve the issue. When free, will try to adjust the voltage to 1.3 and see if I am able to hit 5200 Mhz. 


intel are real picky when it comes to mixing ram, if you want it to work, buy ONE PACK of the disired ram you want, mix 2 and you get the problem you have now, or worst case it will not work at all.

Level 10

If I remember what I saw correctly, using a massive kit like 128gb on 4 channels makes the motherboards drop clocks, I forget the reason, I think its to do with the load on the moBO when powering so much RAM. I am pretty sure its universal thing, you want mass, you lose speed. Hence you can run 64gb in dual channel fine but not 128gb quad.

Level 13

Step down you memory frequency . Look for the best frequency spot. Not all memory module work well with all mobo. in max speed. 

Level 10

Problem is that at this time, Z790 Hero still doesn't suppor 4 Slot of Corsair memory, only two, but it's matter of time that eventually it accept 4.

Check QVL (Qualified Vendor List) periodically: ASUS Z790 Hero Memory QVL , so in the next BIOS version it would be supported.


Level 13

It a assumption question if Asus going to adopt it to for QVL, but it all if Corsair able to provide adequate requirement to adhere the what the requirement by Asus QVL specification requirement.  

I have Trident 4 x 32GB modules - F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RK. With 1202 Bios still runs at 4800. I just built my machine and will start tweaking it to see if I can get it to run faster. I know it will never go above 5600. After all that's all the 13900 can support.

Here is Intel's chart.