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Z790-H XMP errors

Level 7

Hi, sorry for bad english, but it is not my primary language. 

I have brand new Z790-H Paired with corsair 7200Mhz RAM(2x16GB) and 14700KF.

I have used CPU on previous motherboard with DDR 4 for month without any issues, now after upgrade when I enable XMP there are houndrets of errors in OCCT after 30-40 sec . 

Any troubleshooting I could do? I tried to lower speed to 7000 and it seems to work, at lest 5 min OCCT passed 0 errors, had no more time yesterday to do longer tests.

What voltages should I check, bump or lower to try get stable 7200, if I wont make them stable I might have to return MB+RAM and pick up something else.