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Z790-H with 14700K and G.Skill Trident Z5 2x16 7800MHz RAMs

Level 7

Hello, my system consisting of Intel 14700K, Asus ROG Z790-H(7800Mhz), Asus RTX 4080 and G.Skill Trident Z5 (2x16) 7800MHz CL36 1.45V parts last week. All of my previous rigs were pre-built and this is my first system that I assembled myself

After the installation, I turned on xmp and when the windows installation was completed, I got my first blue screen error. Afterwards, I received a blue screen error every time I tried to install an application and driver.

Thinking that the problem might be the ram, I reduced the ram frequency speed that XMP automatically sets from 7800 to 7600. I reinstalled Windows and installed the drivers successfully.

Afterwards, started playing some game to test the system, after a while I got the blue screen error again and I reduced it to 7400. My motherboard sThis time the system was more stable, but when I pushed a little harder, I got an error again. I had hope on BIOS 2102 update when it released but no improvement. Now I'm using at 7000MHz and somedays it crashes and somedays not.

How can I find optimal ram frequency ,voltage and timings. Do you think I should lower the RAM voltage or other values? And what values ​​do you recommend to change in the bios, other than ram frequency speed and voltage?