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Z790 Formula Revealed?

Level 7

Our Republic of Gamers Z790 lineup starts with the unconquerable ROG Maximus Z790 Extreme. This EATX motherboard launches the series into the next generation with a feature set that accepts no compromises. For exceptional overclocking performance in a standout design, look no further than the ROG Maximus Z790 Formula. And the ROG Maximus Z790 Hero offers a one-two punch of top-tier performance and exceptional style for anyone building a high-end ATX gaming machine.

I've been waiting for a Z790 Formula and was sad when one wasn't revealed in September. I've been periodically Googling "Z790 Formula" and hoping to eventually find some information on one being released. Today when I did it, I noticed the above quote on this ASUS webpage. I don't recall that being there before, or else I would have seen it at some point over the last month. Thoughts?

Level 7
Let's hope we see it soon.

Wih\'Glah wrote:
Let's hope we see it soon.

I hope so, but I'm worried it's just a typo and that they meant to put APEX instead of FORMULA. 😞

Level 16
There's no Z790 Formula, Z790 Gene, or Z790 Extreme Glacial for this gen.

Only Hero, Apex, and Extreme. Sorry guys. 😞

Z790 Epiphenomenal Raptor Bench

ROG Z790 Apex / Intel 13900KS SP111 P121 E93 MC83
Gskill 8000 kit - TM5 stable at 8200MT/s 38 48 48 121 VDD and VDDQ 1.5v
WD_Black SN850X 1TB 7300MB/s Reads 6300MB/s Writes
LG 32in 4K IPS 32UP83A-W

I mean it technically does exist EKWB makes a monoblock for the Z790 Extreme only difference is it doesn't cool the chipset as well as the VRMs and CPU. EKWB makes the Monoblock for the Z690 Glacial