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Z790 formula full bank oc help. (x4 kit)

Level 7

CPU : 14900K

M/B : Z790 formula (bios 1202) & PSU : Superflower 1300w

RAM : CMP64GX5M4B6400C32W   <<<< needs help!!

CPU Cooler : Kraken 360

i just seen only 2 sockets supports now, but i want makes it work at 4 sockets. i tried xmp 1,2 and downed to timing 6000. still not work

+ corsair vengence 6600 mt at qvl, but that 6400 titanium ram not on qvl


Level 17

You can try, but 2 different pairs of RAM modules, 4 in total is going to be tricky. You might succeed with much lower speeds and/or higher voltages, but you'd be much better off with using just 2 sticks at higher speeds. 

If you need extra RAM capacity, then it would be better to get two higher capacity sticks and make sure they are on the QVL list for your board and CPU. 

Z690 Hero, 12900K, BIOS 3603, MEI 2406.5.5.0, ME Firmware, 7000X Case, RM1000x PSU, ASUS TUF OC 3090TI, 2 x 16GB Corsair RAM @ 5200MHz, Windows 11 Pro 23H2, Corsair H150i Elite AIO, 4x Corsair RGB fans, 3x M.2 NVME drives, 2x SATA SSDs, 2x SATA HDs.

I got stable timing at xmp1 + downed to 6000mt and mc voltage 1.35.

It's 4 packaged ram, but I just wondered for vengence on qvl but that titanium is not work on xmp.