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Z790 extreme memory instability

Level 7


I have an asus rog maximus z790 extreme motherboard with i9 - 13900KF, samsung 980 pro, asus tuf rtx 3080 Ti, rog ryujin 360 II and asus rog thor 850 W psu and G.Skill rams F5-6800J3445G16X2-TZ5RS. All drivers, windows 11 and bios (0816) are updated.

If i use only 2 of these rams with XMP 2, the system works perfetly without any issues. When I tried to use this build with 4 pieces rams with XMP 1 or 2, the system started hardly and always had memory issues. When I used without XMP the system works perfectly but it only runs at 4800 Mhz.

I checked the memory support of this motherboard and see it supports only 2 pieces of 6800 MHz rams.

 Is it somehow possible to get the system to work well with 4 rams at 6800 MHz or will it support 4-slot useage in the future?


Refer to my post regarding combining and/or mixing kits, you will need to purchase a 2x32GB kit as suggested by Murph.

13900KS / 8200MT CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090