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Z790-E Problem Memory Bank A1+A2 Q-Code 55 Solved

Level 7

Since I had the problem and have seen on the Internet that I'm not alone, I wanted to name my solution to the problem.

New PC with Z790-E + i7-13Gen + G.Skill Trident Z5 6800 + AIO water cooling built together.
Memory came in A2+B2 but Q-code 55 "Memory not Installed" always appeared.
Memory installed in B1 and/or in B2 no problem.
As soon as the memory was in A1 and/or A2 the error appeared.

I have already replaced motherboard / CPU and memory, but error persisted.

I did not follow the instructions for mounting the AIO water cooling properly.
I have not used the plastic washers for screws! (On the following picture to see which were crucial):

When I loosened the two spacer screws (which point to the RAM banks, which are marked in the picture), I noticed that there was a ladder track scratched at each screw hole.
This probably caused a short between the two tracks which caused the problem.
After I have subsequently attached the plastic washers for screws, the PC started immediately with the RAM in the slots A2 + B2 and XMP etc. could be used.

So was own stupidity with me, why this error occurred.

Maybe this article helps someone who also has this error with the A1+A2 memory banks.

Level 7

You are my savior! Had same issue (even with Dark rock Pro, cooler just was touching memory slot...) and AIO Aorus Waterforce 360X (spared with i9 13900kf)

Level 9

Hi there! Can you explain more about the solution. I have the same issue with TUF Z790 D4.

I tried everything, nothing worked. I was thinking that i damaged the MOBO while installing CPU.

Maybe this is a solution for me too but i didn't understand "plastic washers for screws" 

Which cooling solution r u mouting?

I have a NZXT X62 Kraken from my old Ryzen build but i couldn't use it with the new intel build. So i mounted IDCooling se-224-xt for a temporary time. Then i received LGA1700 bracket for Kraken from NZXT free (Those guys are amazing)

I mounted Kraken last week but A1-A2 still doesnt work. I got lower CPU temps and silence instead, just that.

I really suspect that i damaged the board while mounting IDCooling. But still i wanna try what he wrote.

Can you show me  the picture how you mounted the AiO?

Level 11

I've seen this occur on many builds where  IMC trace wires on the mobo are too close to the mounting holes and it protecting layer get scraped off from screwed down stand offs for AIO.  I've save various screw kit from previous computer build and used the red paper washers under my stand offs to prevent this. 


Intel Core i9 103900KS
Asus Maximus Z790 Extreme [bios 1801]
LG (34U97-s) Monitor 3440 x1440
Nvidia RTX 3090 FE
Windows 11 Pro
64gbz Memory