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Z790-E + 13700k : Windows Power Plan - Balanced or High Performance?

Level 9

So this is my first p-core / e-core CPU and I'm trying to gather some information about which power plan is the best to use on my desktop gaming system.

I like balanced plan for it's ability to down clock the CPU when I'm just web surfing / watching videos.

My questions so far are :

Does it hurt the CPU having all the clocks at max all the time when using the high performance plan?

How much performance am I losing out on using the Balanced plan? 10%? 5% 1%?

Is there a way to use the High Performance Plan and still have the CPU down clock when not gaming?

I've seen a few posts online saying the p-cores / e-cores are treated differently between those 2 power plans. What are those differences?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




I feel like windows wouldn't put that power plan as an option if there was a chance to damage the CPU and not warn you about it.

The only "warning" given for High Performance is "Favors performance, but may use more energy".

I didn't even know about any of this before and I had my 6700k in performance mode 24/7 since day 1 for almost 8 years straight and it's still working perfectly heh.

Yeah you wouldn't have thought so just uses a little more energy by keeping the cores clocked up, Funnily enough I had a 6700K like yourself which actually degraded over time due to overclocking and I didn't even have much extra voltage going through it, It needed voltage bumps every now and again to keep it stable but at stock you shouldn't have any issues I wouldn't have thought.

Level 17

Just my opinion, but I think the higher performance plan won't do any harm. While I agree that it might theoretically shorten the life of the CPU, by the time that happens I suspect that the PC would be way beyond any useful life anyway. It would just be too slow and old. Personally, the balanced plan is good for me - I feel no need to boost anything as I'm extremely happy with performance. Even games don't struggle at all, so I'm happy. But, if you do see an improvement, then I say go for it. You might as well enjoy the system as you want it.  

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Yeah it shouldn't do I agree it it did then these things are not designed very well or a at max spec anyway but yes like yourself I don't notice any different issues with these modern multicore chips on balanced with gaming or with anything, I don't notice any improvement whether it's balanced or high.