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Z790 Dark Hero Wireless headphones disconnecting

Level 9


Sometimes after booting into the system, the mouse, keyboard, and headphones are disconnected.
After a few seconds, the keyboard and mouse will resume operation and a "USB device not recognized" message will pop up.
Found that the dongle of the headset cannot be recognized
When I plugged the dongle back in, it went back to normal, but then it happened again a few days later.
When this happens, unplug the dongle immediately and the mouse and keyboard will return to normal immediately.
It's no problem to take the headset to another computer and test it.
Later, I changed the motherboard and tested it for a few days, and there was no problem.
But it suddenly relapsed, and I don’t know what went wrong.
I also reinstalled the system and the ASUS AC software was not installed.


CPU:I7 13700k
RAM:Kingston FURY Beast RGB DDR5 6000 16Gx2
MB:Maximus Z790 Dark Hero
SSD:Samsung 990 Pro 2TB
GPU:ROG Strix 4070 Ti
OS:WIndows 11 Home 22H2 
Mouse : ROG Strix Impact II GUNDAM EDITION
Keyboard : ROG strix scope nx tkl moonlight white
Headphones : ROG delta s wireless 



Customer Service Agent

Hello, @assembly 

Based on the information you provided in our PM conversation, it appears that you have already contacted our local customer service department, and they are currently assisting you with further troubleshooting.
We suggest patiently waiting for the verification and responses from the relevant member, as this may take a little time.
If you have any additional questions, feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Thank you.