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Z790 Dark Hero white VGA QLED stays on but System works. Occasional QCODE 97 and not boot

Level 8

The system is a Z790 Dark Hero + ASUS Strix 4070 TI OC. The Monitor is an ASUS ROG PG329. The hardware is a new install, so no history.

According to my understanding the white light should indicate a problem with the graphics card. But there is none. It works fine, played games for hours.

The issue happens only occasionally. Often the systems boots just fine. Sometimes it throws a QLED 97, the Reset button a few times and it eventually goes past that and the white light stays. Sometimes it just boots fine, but the white light stays.

The mainboard is fresh and the firmware is on the initial release.


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Hi there,

are you using any form of riser cable? 
Check the motherboard BIOS and GPU VBIOS are running the latest version.

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I don't use a riser cable.

The initial release is as of now also the latest. 

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I also encountered this problem. I reported this phenomenon to ASUS customer service and obtained a specialized GPU VBIOS to resolve the issue.

Maybe you can contact customer service to get this VBIOS.

I can't give it to you

Sorry, my English is bad


Did this development Bios actually solved the issue? No qcode 97, no white qled?

I've rebooted over 100 times now and never see it again.

What Version of Bios is it, so I can refer to it when requesting it.

Because I don’t know if the customer service methods are the same in different regions. I provided ASUS with the method and video to reproduce this phenomenon.

Get VBIOS 95.04.3c.08.83
I got q-code 97 once after updating, but then I rebooted 100 times and never saw it again. However, the R&D unit also conducted tests and found no problems, so this VBIOS can reduce the incidence rate.

Please check your inbox.

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