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Z790 Dark Hero - Corsair CMP48GX5M2X7200C36 experiment

Level 10

 My current memory is G.Skill 7200Mhz CL34 32GB.  

I want to experiment with larger memory 24*2 48GB

Bought this at Microcenter for easy return in case it did not work.  Corsair Dominator Titanium RGB 48GB (2 x 24GB) DDR5-7200 PC5-57600 CL36 Dual Channel Desktop Memory Kit CMP48GX5M2X7200C36

Long story.. but result is i am keeping G.skill.  Returning the Corsair.

Background: G.Skill

My Bios setup: XMP Tweaked.  AI Optimize.  LL5,  Best Case Scenario.  TVB + 10, Unlimited Power AIO score set to 177.

Cinebench R23 is around 41500.  Power draw is around 280 watt.   CPU VID is around 1.21 during CInebench multi-core test.

Here is what i notice if i change from XMP Tweaked to XMP II.   The vdrop of CPU VID will fall below 1.91 and cause Cninbench crash half way through the test.    So there is something program difference between XMP Tweaked vs XMPII to do with CPU VID.

Testing Corsair.

Same BIOS setup, with XMP Tweaked. LL5. Crash Cinebench.  CPU VID drop to 1.91.  Obviously behave diff than G.skill.

Bump up to LL6,   Cinebench complete. Score is around 40950.  lost about 500+ points.  Observation is: CPU Watt jump all the way to  310 watt.  Around 30 More watt than G.skill.  Because of the LL6, CPU VID at multicore run is 1.25.  0.04 more then G.Skill.  Cause the wattage to spike up.  More wattage = More CPU heat.  I am thinking that is why the score reflected.

Obviously, this isnt worth the extra 16GB and expensive memory over G.Kill... extra $140.   Plus... Corsair isnt on the QVL.  Maybe that is why?