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z790-creator wifi Both aqtion 10gb AND intel 2.5gb i226v connection drop

Level 7


So i just got a  z790-creator wifi, i wanted this for the 10GB network.


Now the problem is when i game online, BOTH  connection are unstable in any game.


i have set only one of them with a gateway, so i do not get switched. i tough my network switch was to blame so i even connected directly into my isp modem at 10 AND 2.5 (i have 3g/3g) i experiance those disconnect at random interval.


i have done all the regular troubleshooting , disabled powermanagement "allow to turn off"  , advanced power link powere state off. and energy efficient ethernet in advanced network properties.


this is insane!! its a very expensive board.. i did not want to install a  pcie network card on top....


is there any definite fix for this or i need to return the board?



Level 17

Try MoKiChU's drivers, they are usually more recent than the support pages:

You'll need the i225/226 drivers for 2.5GbE and for 10GbE, I think you'll also need the Marvell/Aquantia drivers. I'll let you do the reading/research, but hopefully this steers you in the right direction. 

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thank you for the reply,did that and tested its still disconnecting.

NOW, since im on a 2.5 and 10GB connection this might because i am using cat6 cable,i ordered cat8 cable , will test and see..