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Z790 Apex Encore users - ALT_PCIE_MODE Switch

Level 12

Maybe this has already been covered in this forum. 

However, I will start by saying I was not aware there was an issue with my NVME until this morning. My build has been running great since I installed my 14900KS in my Z790 Apex Encore paired with Corsair Dominator Titanium running at 8200 MT/s. 

Today I decided to check the performance of my Crucial T700 2TB Gen5 NVME M.2 SSD and to my surprise i was only achieving high 8000's read's and writes to almost 9000 even reads and writes.  The T700 is capable of 12,400 read / 11,800 write. 

I am sure @Silent_Scone has covered this before at some point but I thought it might be helpful to have a comprehensive post covering only this as a reminder/refresher.  

So i started researching.

I found a switch on the bottom of the Apex Encore motherboard for the PCIE mode selector.

There are 3 positions.  Auto, Gen 4, Gen 3 

I must have bumped it when installing my video card the last time I had my PC apart as it was in the middle setting. I switched it back to the left position which is Auto and the problem has been resolved. As you can see in the Crystal Disk Mark Screen Shot below, I am now getting very close to advertised speeds again with my Gen 5 drive. 

Hope this helps someone out there. 

Take care fellow enthusiasts. 










Z790 Apex Encore, 14900KS, Corsair 7000D, Crucial T705 2TB, Corsair Titanium DDR5 48GB 8200, Asus RTX 4090 OC STRIX, MSI MEG 1300w PSU, Corsair ICUE LINK 420mm 14 QX Fans, Acer Predator X38 S 177hz | Z790 Apex Encore, 14900KS, Corsair Titanium DDR5 48GB 8200, Crucial T700 2TB, Corsair HX1000 PSU, Corsair 5000D, Corsair ICUE LINK 360mm, Asus RTX 4090 TUF, Alienware 38" Curved 144hz