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Z790-A WIFI XMP Causing game crashes

Level 7

I Recently upgraded to new RIG consisting of the following:

  • Z790-A Wifi
  • 13700K
  • CMK32GX5M2X7200C34 ver. 5.43.01
  • 4080 strix OC

After starting up my rig with bios 1205 with XMP profile I, the machine would BSOD.
I updated to 1210 and did memtests, only when using XMP II could i pass mem tests.
Despite this my games would crash frequently.

Along comes Bios 1402 and i reset the MB and go back to XMP I, this time passing memtest.
I decided to run prime95 and here i would recieve a rounding error. Increasing the voltage of the memory made this issue go away but my games are still crashing. 
I have run many benchmarks and stress tests, all report my machine is fine, but my games are still crashing.
If i disable the xmp profile everything is fine.

Any suggestions ?


Level 7

I'm also having this issue and it's driving me absolutely mad.

Level 12

After enabling xmp, go to Memory Frequencies and gradually reduce it until games no longer crash.