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Z790-A Wifi Prime (0620 Bios) + 13700K help with undervolting / Temps

Level 7
What's going on Rog/ASUS FORUMS
It's your favorite call of duty troll
[YTUBE]Grumpykitten and I absolutely need your help!

So to make a long story short guys and ladies and others' my System is highly unstable and runs extremely too hot with an 280mm aio

in a nut shell
If I clear CMOS
Load the default values*
And leave everything auto
system posts and boots fine
however upon running cinebench r23*

It immediately hits high temps.

I attempted to follow a guide
for a 13900K and Maximus z790
board but it's highly confusing
and I was referred to the actual ASUS forums

So here I am ) the real grumpykitten meme*

If you made it this far in my post
I really appreciate you and thank you for taking the time to read.

My build has gone from

ASUS Z690-P / 12700K
to ASUS Z690-P/ 12900K

To now

ASUS Z790-A wifi Prime / 13700K

And when I was on the z690 platform
it seemed much easier to dial
in the temps and undervolt

*However I can't seem to get it on this board

I am content creator and make call of duty content *
On YouTube my name is ytube.grumpykitten (shameless plug)

However you see why my urgency

️Today at 1pm EST time
Warzone 2.0 goes live for the world
and I am scheduled to perform/play
in a few paid matches and scrimmages (nothing major like $10 pot ) please help me out

I can technically run it auto everything but
My cinebench scores on this platform
are way lower than they should be
and I feel as If I'm missing something

I do not use Intel XTU
I like to dial in my settings my self.

On auto my PC runs at 1,447 volts
and idle my temps are 42c in the bios.

I've attached a few screenshots of my bios and hw info

Any and all help is greatly appreciated

Level 7
Go into bios and disable multicore enhancement.