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Z690 Strix Gaming A Unknown Devices in Device Manager?

Level 11

I have an ROG Strix Z690 Gaming A D4 and I have reinstalled Windows 11 Pro as I normally do and also installed all drivers that I usually do and have ended with these 3 Unknown Devices and I can't seem to figure out what they are?

I have installed the MEI driver, The Chipset Driver, The Serial I/O driver, Network driver.

I don't have WiFi, Bluetooth or anything enabled, I just don't know what they are.


Level 17

Could you send an image of Device Manager with the unknown devices? Installing the Intel Rapid Storage Technology drivers will probably solve one of them. Another might be Thunderbolt if that's on your board?. Make sure you've properly expanded all of the driver sections on the support page, some drivers aren't visible until you do that. 

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Thanks I managed to sort it out, All 3 were related to Hyper V not being installed properly in Windows Components.

I did create my own Bloatware free Windows 11 Pro ISO and I do remember now something related to Hyper V I removed from the component setup.

Level 9

You likely pulled out the stuff HVCI depends on. Which if you're not concerned about security at all, I guess leave it like that.

But Windows 11 isn't as "Bloat" as you think it is. There are many advantages to not going rogue with a customized Windows 11, there's a lot under the hood with this OS, and it's generally extremely good at managing resources.

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