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Z690 Maximus Formula / board suggestion

Level 7

I have ordered an Z690 Formula Board but read now a lot of posts about high PCH temperatures and I’m now worried about the longevity of the board. Are here people with temps below 80-90c pch temps?

Can anyone suggest that board or should I better go with the apex / hero? I wanted to build a full white setup and would love to use the Corsair dominator platinum 5600mhz cl36 sticks in white, but also it seems that those dominator rams are not that compatible with the asus Z690 boards.

At this point I just really want a good reliable board with not faulty pch temps… can anyone suggest me something or should I really try the formula when it arrives with the dominator rams 5600 / cl36 or just go with some trident 6000mhz cl36 that is on the qvl

Kind Regards

Level 8
I've got 63° average, 79°C Max.

Formular with WC.
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I also had high PCH temps......I took extreme action. See the link below: