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Z690-I gaming wifi + 14700k bios flashback instruction / ME / Drivers

Level 7

Hello there,

I’ve dug a bit but it’s really difficult to read zones of forum games for small pieces of pertinent information.

I recently bought a 14700k and Z690-I gaming wifi itx MB  for a nice sff build. I have a team group kit coming which isn’t in qvl but I should be able to tune it after all the updates.

Question is how do I update the ME without an initially supported CPU? What bios would I be able flashback to from my MB if at all? If it’s a big headache I’ll just buy an old cpu on Amazon and return it. That said I’d like to get all the updates done before I stick everything in this SFF build.

please advise on how to flashback from my current mb and how to handle all the drivers and such. I read something about using a particular nvme slot? But my head is about to explode for today… this is my first intel build and i wonder if I’m not regretting it already


motherboard manufactured 2022-03 from Amazon this week on sale for only 300 cad!

serial- N3M0KS062359RJC

partno - 90MB1910-MVAAY0