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Z690-I : Fans speed up to 100% at boot. How to control?

Level 8
Hi again,

my new build shows a different behaviour at start-up. Whereas my Z270-I kept silent at boot my Z690-I cranks up fans at full speed and after some seconds slow down.
I've tried the case fan header as well as the AIO header which I've always used for case fans.

Is there any setting in UEFI that can keep the fans quiet at start-up?

I would be happy about help


Level 16
My machine does the same for 2-3 seconds soon after power-on. Not sure which fans are spinning up exactly, as I was just listening (I have two motherboard connected fans, 3 case fans controlled by a Corsair Commander and then 3 fans on my AIO), but I think it is all a normal part of the Asus POST process and I don't think there is anything that can be done to change the behaviour...
Z690 Hero, BIOS 2703, MEI 2316.5.0.0, ME Firmware, 7000X Case, RM1000x PSU, i9 12900K, ASUS TUF OC 3090TI, 2 x 16GB Corsair RAM @ 5200MHz, Windows 11 Pro 22H2, Corsair H150i Elite AIO, 4x Corsair RGB fans, 3x M.2 NVME drives, 2x SATA SSDs, 2x SATA HDs.

Level 7
Bios. Qfan tune. Then customize.

If it's still too loud for you go into fan expert and configure spin up spin down and fan profiles at the os level

Level 8
By the way it happens as well when computer wakes up from sleep. Very annoying. Like I've mentioned my Asus Z270-I does start quietly even the fan on AIO header.
Just to make it clear, I'm concerned with the Start-Up phase where the fans get full power from PSU and which only last a few seconds and then calms down. On desktop I use Fan Control which works very well.

I've figured out the different noise levels. The noisiest part is a case fan on AIO header which is set to 100% default by UEFI. It sounds like a jet engine. There seems to be no cure besides a tension adjuster.
All fans are set up via Q-Fan manual and are Q-Fan tuned.

As a workaround I used a splitter on the chassis fan header so there are two fans connected at same speed. The noise is reduced to half.
I'm not inclined to install an additional fan control system as I like to read the values from MB. There are heaps of settings in UEFI which I do not grasp.

I wonder if this a feature of the whole Asus Z690 series.

Level 9
Same behaviour on my board. It is not so loud (I am not using the AIO header) but louder than it should be at cold boot temperatures. I assume it runs the fans at a safe default speed until UEFI and Q-Fan have initialised and take over.

Level 8
I would be pleased if as well a ASUS expert could clarify this issue.