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Z690 Hero RAM

Level 7
After reading the article on not combining RAM to ensure system stability (I have 32GB Corsair 5600) i am left wondering what the whole point of having 4 DIMM slots on the motherboard is for ? I think at present time the Z690 only supports 64GB RAM from Corsair. If this is the case then i would have to buy a new kit 2x32 @ 6000hmz. Why is there 4 slots if i can only utilize two ?

Level 17
You can use 4 sticks - many people do, it's just harder to get 4 sticks fully stable, especially at higher speeds, so using 2 is recommended by many the speeds that can be achieved with 4 sticks is often lower. Just be careful if buying 4 and check the experience of others etc.
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The consensus is not to combine or mix memory kits, not that using 4 DIMMs isn't possible.

Four DIMM overclocking on 12th and 13th gen Intel platforms requires a significant concession in frequency reduction. This is a limitation of the platform when pushing overclocking limits. There are 4 DIMM boards because there's very little logic in limiting capacity when users need it simply on the basis some will want to run 2 modules for higher speeds.
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