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Z690 Glacial Extreme - Ultrablock wheel won't spin anymore

Level 7


Noticed a problem with my motherboard a moment ago where the wheel inside the ultrablock is not spinning like it should.  In fact, it's completely frozen in place.  I am looking to upgrade my CPU from the 12900k to the 14900k so that was my reason for being in my case in the first place, so it's not that I was noticing higher temps in my system than usual or anything.  I'm kind of at the beginning stages of troubleshooting here but I was hoping someone could tell me a few things to check.  From what I can tell in Armoury Crate, I don't see any flow happening in the fan monitor but I do have a Corsair reservoir pump that I can tell is still visibly working (and is reporting flow in various applications).  Any ideas?