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Z690 formula detect memory error

Level 8

So ive had my pc for some days now, and suddnely it just black screened when i turned it on. And error code 55 came up.

I have found the issue and its the last ram slot i think. I am only running it with 1 ram stick currently in slot 2 and it works. Does anyone know how to fix this problem ? I want to have 32gb of memory again. Please help a newbie.





 no bents pins as far as i can tell. So whats next ?


Thank you,

The cpu socket looks ok.

Do you have some thermal paste and some isopropyl alcohol?


yes i have applied it now and gonna take on the cooler again.


Ok great.

Clean off the cpu and the water block first with a tissue or toilet paper and a little isopropyl alcohol, don't use a paper towel.

Install the cpu, then apply a thin even layer of thermal paste to the cpu, I use an old credit card to spread the thermal paste.

When installing the water block, make the mounting screws just snug, don't overtighten the water block.



i just used a paper towel as it was already warm, might been a mistake but it worked. Pc turned on and its working with 32 gb ram now. Should i thight the waterblock a little more or just keep it snug ? Tell me if the paper towel thing was a huge mistake, didnt have any alchol, i used a very good towel which doesnt make anything stick. Cpu temps are fine now atleast.


Excellent, great to hear the memory slots are working.

A paper towel is more abrasive and can cause micro scratches on the cpu's IHS, it's not a huge issue as the thermal paste will fill them in.

So now that it is working, what I suspect was the cpu water block was slightly overtightened, pushing some of the cpu socket pins out of place. This is why I mentioned to make the mounting screws just snug.



Should i just keep it as it is or tighten it a bit more ?


Well, in your one picture, I noticed the q-code was showing 66. I wasn't sure if this was part of the boot process or if it was showing the cpu temperature.

 The only reason the water block would need to be tighter is if the cpu temperature is still high.

How is the cpu temperature now? 




The cpu temp is really good, currently 33 C. When i boot up the motherboard is showing all kind of codes before it finally boots, takes like 1 min to boot.