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Z690 Formula BIOS doesn't store Graphics Configuration settings

Level 7
My spec:

Asus ROG Z690 Formula Motherboard
BIOS 2004
12900K 5200 MHz
Asus RTX TUF 3080 12Gb Gpu
32GB G-Skill Trident Z5 @ 6000mhz
Corsair HX850i PSU
Windows 11
Custom watercooling
ASUS ROG PG279 monitor 2560x1440@120Hz via DisplayPort

The trouble is that system loses GeForce videocard as primary display - during initial boot I see BIOS information (like processor speed disks etc) then Windows boot logo shows for a few seconds and then blank screen...
If I connect monitor to integrated video via HDMI everything looks OK.

However my initial BIOS Graphics Configuration is set to PEG (or PCIe, there is no difference in behavior).
When my monitor is blank via DisplayPort reboot shows that Graphics Configuration is set to integrated video.
The same story happens if I use HDMI on Nvidia RTX to connect to monitor, so it is not video card port related issue.

The only way to return my system to using RTX videocard is to completely disconnect PSU, wait like 15 seconds and boot again, but this is lottery - sometimes it boots using Nvidia card, sometimes back to integrated graphics...

Any suggestions/hints?

Level 8

Level 7
Thanks a bunch! Kinda strange it is video-related problem, not mobo...

Downloaded and applied this NVIDIA patch, did a few reboots... no more troubles, but...
But let me wait a few days until I confirm that was the source of a problem.

Level 7
Hereby I confirm that NVIDIA GPU firmware update (link is 1 post above) resolved the issue.
Even though my trouble wasn't exactly as described at tool page (my screen was always black even after Windows loaded) after GPU update no more black screen appears.
So the trouble was GPU, not mobo related.
Side comment: I have no clue why DisplayID information (missing? with error?) causes this trouble...

Level 8