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Z690 formula bios 2703

Level 7

just updated my bios from 1403 to 2703, after the update my pc fails to start normally and enters a blue screen. The error messages displayed are 'bios error' or 'system service exception'. In most cases, the computer can start normally after entering system repair. I'm wondering if anyone has encountered similar problems?


Z690 formula/12900KS


Level 8

Hey @CcInnocator 

I had a similar issue about a year ago, with Z690 TUF Gaming D4. I don't recall the exact BIOS version, but in September of last year, I got a BIOS update (after using my system for almost a year prior with no issues), and started getting BSOD with similar errors. After weeks of troubleshooting, I ended up figuring out that my M.2 drives were becoming unresponsive randomly, especially if I tried using more than 2 NVMe drives at the same time, and especially crazy with Samsung drives, a little bit more stable with WD, but with 3 or more M.2 drives on the motherboard, pretty much guaranteed BSOD within minutes, or no boot at all. Basically any one of my drives could stop all activity at any time. If it was a system drive, I got a BSOD. I tested the heck out of it and even found ways to replicate the issue by copying large folders full of random files from drive to drive, and I could watch it transfer normally for a few seconds, then just slow down to 0kb, and never reinitiate. The drive would still show in Explorer and allow me to browse folders, but nothing would move in or out of it, and in Task Manager, but would just stay on 0 activity until the PC is rebooted. I never found a reliable fix, I ended up replacing my mobo with the same one but on original launch bios, and updated BIOS to the latest good version known to me, and kept it on it. At this time, I have BIOS that is over a year old, but my system is working reliably with 4 M.2 drives, and I'm just not messing with it anymore. I saw other reports of similar issues around these forums. I have no plans on trying to update BIOS on this motherboard again.

Update. I just checked the dates, and 1720 was the last BIOS version that gave me no issues. When I upgraded to 2004 in September of last year, I started getting these severe issues, and to add insult to injury, there was no way to roll back from 2004.


Hey guys,

This could potentially be an issue with the operating system, too many BSOD's will eventually corrupt the operating system.

If this happens, you'll need to reinstall windows. 

Bios 2703 is working well for me.





Oh yeah, forgot to mention. They sure did corrupt the OS, many times. I reinstalled it at least 2 dozen times during that time. Interesting fact about that. I never got any errors or BSOD during the OS installation, or any recovery processes I've attempted.