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Z690 Formula BIOS 0811 picks wrong HDMI timing mode

Level 7
The Z690 Formula BIOS is picking the wrong HDMI timing mode with my BenQ Q24W5 (FP24IW).

See attached. No, those aren't JPEG artifacts, that's how it renders on this display.

It does pick a proper timing mode when connected via a USB-C HDMI Alt Mode cable to an LG UltraWide 5K. I'd rather not get rid of a perfectly good monitor just because this one BIOS is having trouble with it, as it does work properly with a Raspberry Pi and a variety of game consoles. Windows picks a better timing mode during boot, so this only happens while in the BIOS.

I don't see anywhere in the BIOS menus to force particular output timings/resolutions, but the BIOS is full of complexity so I may be missing it. Any tips or guidance on how to get ASUS to investigate a BIOS bug fix?