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Z690 Formula bifurcated Hyper M.2 in PCIE_X16(G4)

Level 8

I’m trying to setup my Hyper M.2 AIC with two NVME SSD’s in the third PCIe slot - PCIE_X16(G4) - which according to the manual should work when setting the BIOS bifurcation to x4/x4 for the third slot.  I have set that in the BIOS, but I can only ever see only one SSD.  I have checked that both SSD drives work, and have formatted them.  According to the manual, I should be able to use both M.2 slots on the Hyper card when in slot 3, regardless of whether the onboard M.2 slots are used or not.  I do have an SSD in M.2_1 and M.2_3 (The correct M.2_3 slot, which is labeled incorrectly in the user manual).  I can not get the MB to see the 2nd slot.  Is the manual incorrect, and this actually isn’t possible?  Or is there something I’m missing in the BIOS?  

BIOS and Intel ME are up to date, as is all firmware.  

CPU - 13900k

PCIE_X16(G5)_1 - Strix 3090

M.2_1 - Seagate FireCuda 530 2tb

M.2_3 - Seagate FireCuda 530 1tb

Hyper M.2 card - WD SN850X 4tb in both slots

Thanks for any help!