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Z690-F Gaming 1003 BIOS - Critical update

Level 9
Hello guys,

I had an amazing experiment with my computer. I was having these "random" BSODs which had me worried. At the beggining I blamed Windows 11 for its "beta" stage. However, due to how young DDR5 is, I did 3 memtests today. First one was with the on-board Memtestx86 that comes within the BIOS of my Z690-F Gaming. That one gave no errors. I was still concerned, what if that utility was not updated and properly tuned for the platform?

I decided to download the latest version and run the tests. It was a show:


After that, which got me really worried, I looked if a new BIOS was published. To my relief, version 1003 was there, with promising changes, waiting for me. I flashed my motherboard and ran the test again. Look at the new results:


With this, I really don't want to think that ASUS released motherboards without intense testing on the components and, more specifically, the DDR5 memory. I really do not want. But proofs talk a different story here 😞 The good news is that apparently our motherboards are now allowed to run flawless with most DRAM out there (mine is a Trident Z5 5600@CL36, which is the speed that was used on the tests, regardless of what memtest shows on the pictures).

I just hope this serves as a heads up for those of you having weird errors: UPDATE to bios 1003.
13900K@Stock with no XMP profile, z790 Maximus Hero, 6400 CL32 Kingston DDR5. Unstable as hell.

Level 11
Dread13 wrote:

I just hope this serves as a heads up for those of you having weird errors: UPDATE to bios 1003.

Good to hear that you got your RAM error free running.

My gaming F is 100% stable at 6000 MHz 38-38-38 @1.28 volt with Bios 0811.

Bios 1003 is disabling via microcode the 12th gen capability to run Intel's AVX512 instruction set. Intel has requested this to mobo manufacturers. So, no update for me. 😉