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Z690 Extreme QVL update for 14th Gen

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Hello there ! October 17 is here and 14th Gen CPUs are here. As an owner of one of the most expensive motherboards, I would love to know if ASUS will update QVL with new CPUs and RAM kits. As of right now 13th Gen is the latest available and officially supported and anything above 6600 RAM kits are nowhere to be found.

From what I understand memory controller is located on CPU chipset (Z690) and has almost nothing to do with RAM speed support. In other words, I see no reason why would Z690 support up to 6600 and let's say Z790 Extreme support up to 7200 because both support the latest 14th Gen CPUs.

If anyone knows please let me know when we can see the updated CPU support list on Z690 Extreme and perhaps updated RAM kits above 6600 MT/sec per 14th Gen spec


Super Moderator

1. Yes, the memory controller is located on the CPU, that much is correct. The strength of which can vary to a certain degree.

2. The QVL will likely get updated shortly, as 14th gen is supported on Z690 as you have rightly said.

3. For best chance of "plug and play" I'd normally recommend sticking to a kit with a frequency one or two notches below maximum validation.

4. The motherboard memory QVL validation when speaking about memory frequency can depend on a number of factors depending on what the motherboard vendor has needed to do, or what has been done to improve signalling from one generation to another. Historically, the best performance and margins are found on the boards designed around the CPU they launch with, but it can be marginal enough not to be too concerned about. Maximum frequency validation can often come with some concessions as this is where electrical margins are tight. I would keep an eye on the validation table over the next few weeks or so to see what comes up.

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Level 7

14th-gen CPUs are live in the Supported CPUs list! QVL for 14th Gen is still nowhere to be found. I hope to see some new kits under 14th Gen CPU tab.