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z690-e new bios 3603

Level 9

New bios 3603 has removed the function to sync all cores to 55 which now means I have BSODs again. When selecting it it asks to set intel extreme profile which I do, but it wont let me sync cores. So I not have an i9 13900ks that will not even run windows at idle. Will have to flash the firmware back. 


Level 12

no offense but if you cant even run your cpu stock you shouldve RMA'd that right away.

@Vynra I'm on my second 13900KS on my Z690E....I also run a 12900KF as well on a Z690F board and interchange to test. 

Level 7

I just ran into this too - did you find a workaround?

Nope - i have RMA'd the chip

once you get your chip let us know if that fixed your issues

Within 5 days I was sent a brand new 13900KS. We have different laws in New Zealand. But I'm unsure whether I should install it yet or wait for the microcode update

Level 7

Not OP but I ended up using the "Specific Performance Core" section and setting the limit one-by-one to simulate the Sync All Cores option.