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Z690 BIOS 2602

Level 9

Hey there,

Is anyone tried new 2602 BIOS for Z690?

Any difference compared to 2204, 2305 or 2403?


Level 7

Quick question guys.

I got Z690 Extreme.

I am using M.2_2 for my OS
I am using M.2_3 for my apps

Here is the question, can I get another NVME (They're so cheap right now 2TB 980 Pro is under $100) into M.2_1 and still have my PCIX5_1 running at full 16x



If I understand that correctly, the PCIe slot on the z690 mainboard where the gpu normally sits is only throttled if you install a pcie5 m.2 ssd then the slot should be pcie5x8 but since you install a pcie4 m.2 ssd nothing else happens, all current gpus run Anyway with pcie4x16 max

I will definitely double check that because I thought the limitations are always in PCI Express Lanes and how many of them being provided by CPU and chipset. For example each and the vme drives need four lanes to operate at optimal speeds therefore in order to get three of them you will need 12 open PCI Express Lanes available another 16 for GPU. Also I think four of them goes to GMI memory controller, that is why I'm in a little confusion of how many actual Lanes is needed.

Level 7

New 2602 Bios restored my previous RAM stability timings when running at 6400 MHz. Bios 2305 broke my stability I had to go down to 6200 MHz. Works well for me.

Level 10

Just installed BIOS 2602. My DRAM speed was down to 4600MHz under BIOS 2305. Now I can adjust it to run stable at 4800MHz. PCH temperature seems slightly lower by 3 degree Celsius. Other than that, all seems normal, and hopefully stable.

Edit: Did some retesting and now 4 rows of DDR5 RAM (128GB) stable at 5400MHz. 



Level 8

Hello, I have an ASUS Z690 STRIX A D4 motherboard, and I updated the BIOS to version 2602. However, after the update, the motherboard doesn't recognize the internal hard drive when the system boots up and Windows starts. It only detects the SSD and M.2 drives. I have to restart the system once to make the internal hard drive recognizable. Please guide me on how to solve this issue. Thank you.



Check the VMD settings in bios

in the

advanced menu

SA configuration

VMD setup menu

enable vmd controller

map pcie storage under vmd

Enable or disable Depends on how you installed the operating system on the computer .

if You downloaded the VMD driver Enable in bios And avoid the bootloop problem


asus prime z690 d4. i7 12700k. ASUS TUF OC 3080TI.

Screenshot 2023-07-10 002606.png

Hello, thank you for your guidance.

This is a screenshot of the section you mentioned, but I didn't understand how to download and install VMD. Also, my Windows is version 11 and installed on an M.2 drive, but I'm surprised that the hard drive doesn't boot up when Windows starts!

I have two other issues with this motherboard. Firstly, when the system turns on, it takes about 15 seconds to display the boot screen!!! And overall, it takes a while for the system to fully boot up, although it has improved significantly with the 2602 update, but the initial 15-second delay still exists!

The second issue is that I have G.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM, 32GB 4000 CL18. But when I enable the XMP profile, it either crashes during gaming or gives me a blue screen! I can't even set it to XMP, whether it's XMP 2 or XMP 1. I even tried manually setting it to a frequency of 3200, but the problem persists. The only frequency that works without issues is 2666, which is quite surprising because the RAM is working fine on my friend's system with the exact same motherboard at a frequency of 4000!

Here are a few points that might help:
- I have a 4TB Western Digital Green HDD.
- I have a 250GB Samsung SSD.
- I have a 256GB Geil M.2 drive (Windows is installed on this drive).
- I have a 1TB Gigabyte M.2 drive.

I would really appreciate your guidance or if someone else could help me. Thank you.

Can you specify the memory kit part number, please?

13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

g.skill Trident z rgb seriers 32GB (2*16GB) 288-PIN SDRAM DDR4 4000 (PC4-32000) CL18-22-22--42  1.40V  Model F4-4000C18D-32GTZR
EAN: 4713294224132
UPC : 848354034131