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Z690 Apex - 14900k problems booting all values between 5800-6800mhz

Level 7

Hello, and thanks for reading.

My old 12700kf had no problem booting all these values, but it doesn't work anymore since I got the 14900k.

5600mhz works and 6800+ too but nothing between.

Since the new update, 3501, there is no workaround anymore because the old bios allowed some tweaks by changing

BCLK Frequency: Frequency Ratio and Memory Frequency: Frequency Ration from Auto to 100:100 and 1:2.

I know I can roll back the bios but the problem is still there so I post it now.

Maybe some other users have the same.

Error Code shows 3C not doing much like finding timings as the board does normally, just jumping on that code quickly.

Best regards!