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Z690-A Strix DDR4 - Turning off turbo boost and volts and clock speeds have dropped

Level 7
I wanted to turn off the Intel turbo boost, but after doing I noticed my original vcore settings and all core speeds are not being carried over.

Checking in hwinfo it's something like .910V and 3.2GHz and should be up in the 1.335V range and 5.0GHz.

What is the setting the motherboard options that has the fixed cpu core ratio so it uses my original vcore settings?

Level 11
Just use manual v core in bios. Leave turbo boost on.

I dont quite understand what you want to do but if you want fixed/static vcore that is what you do.

Note if using Sync all cache will stay at static 36 so either set it at say 44 or enable c states so it clocks up and down.

If you use per core cache will clock up and down without going in and setting c states to enabled.