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Z690-A Gaming Wifi D4... Limit 12900ks max temps in bios ??

Level 7

I want to lower MAX temp of my processor via the bios after seeing it hit 100c.

If I go into ASUS Multicore Enhancement I get the options....

  • Auto
  • Disabled - Enforce all Intel limits
  • Enabled - Remove all limits - maximum performance
  • Enabled - Remove all limits (90c)

Only the last option seems of use here, 90c limit yet not low enough. If I drill down to the next level I see what I want. 'Max CPU temp', 'Package thermal threshold' and 'regulate frequency by above threshold' yet the first two are greyed out whatever I select on the prior screen !?!

How do I change these options alone ?

i9-13900kf, Asus Rog Strix Z690-A Gaming Wifi D4, Team Group PC4-28800c16 @3600, Seagate Firecuda 530 2Tb, 850W Seasonic PrimeTX.