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Xbox One Wireless Controller Disconnecting on z790 Hero

Level 8
Disregard, apparently Amazon is selling counterfeit Xbox wireless adapters (the ones that come 'without packaging' or in 'bulk packaging') that look like the real thing, but have much brighter lights and get really hot then disconnect...

Level 14
Possibly of note is that MS appear to have discontinued the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. It has been out of stock on the MS Xbox store for a long time. If it's no longer an active product, it could be that compatibility with more recent Windows updates has been neglected. The status is not 100% clear from MS, that's just my observation from thinking about buying one.

Level 40

Level 9
Jed2021 wrote:
I use an Xbox Elite Series 2 via the Xbox One Wireless Adapter (because bluetooth on this controller has latency issues), but ever since building this computer it seems to disconnect momentarily from time to time. When it does the controller shuts off. I've tried A LOT of things to fix this and so far nothing has worked, hence why I'm here.

What I've tried:

- Preventing Windows from turning off power to the Xbox One Adapter/USB ports/Root hubs.

- Changing Wifi 6e channel my router is using (this was enabled and didn't cause issues on my previous build that this PC replaced)

- Disabling Wifi and bluetooth in Device Manager

- Tried different USB ports, as well as another Xbox One Wireless Adapter.

- Updating everything I could find (bios, bluetooth, all drivers both on the support page and any newer ones here on the forum, controller FW). I did just update the ME and BIOs today with the most recent updates from just a few days ago, so there's a non-zero chance its fixed. Update: The issue persists.

If anyone has any suggestions or places to check for errors, please let me know. If the updates today don't resolve it, I'm at a loss. I build functionally the same computer (he has a 3080ti, mine is a 4090) for my partner, who uses the same controller and adapter and hasn't had issues, but did state his wireless headset has disconnected a couple times on him recently as well.

I am having the same issue but with a standard xbox bluetooth controller for one X on the same motherboard with the latest bios available, latest intel bluetooth driver (updated today 11/16/2022) and controller firmware via the accessories app available in the windows store from Microsoft. The issue is intermittent, but constant. Seems as though as soon as I open a game, for example Fifa 23, it will happen every single time. If I alt tab out of game, leave the controller sitting, it will reconnect eventually but as soon as I alt tab back into any game the controller starts to lose connection and eventually goes back into "Scanning" mode.

The computer shows the controller in the devices list, and the battery life, and I can remove it. At which point if I rescan and re-add the device it will fail 2-3 times then reconnect. Work fine until I load any game, and then the issue repeats.

Level 8