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X670E-E with Both Intel and Realtek Ethernet Adapters

Level 7

Sorry to double-post, but I think this thread is a more appropriate place for my inquiry.

I just completed my build with an X670E-E motherboard and 7950X3D CPU. The MB specs list the Intel I225-V Ethernet controller, but my system lists both an Intel I-225V and a Realtek USB 2.5 GbE Family controllers. Each is fully operational, either with both enabled or with either one disabled. I'm trying to figure out the right way to configure them to avoid possible conflicts. The only issue I've actually faced so far is the inability to set static IP addresses for both of them. I can set one, but then the other complains about using multiple gateways (even though I have only one gateway). If I go ahead and set a static IP address for the second controller, it still functions, but at about half speed. I'd just like to understand what's happening and why.