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Windows 10 Lan driver before Win 10 install _ ROG STRIX Z690-A GAMING WIFI D4

Level 11
Been having intermittent system issues for some time, still think it's GPU but retailer and Gigabyte say its fine. Trying one less drastic option right now, updated Bios from 1304 to 1504. If that doesn't work I'll be wiping the OS and installing it fresh on a different drive and not the new one currently in m.2 slot one next to CPU.

Did wipe and install Windows 11 a few weeks ago. OMG I hate it so much so went back to Windows 10 within a few hours. When I got this board back in December I couldn't just login to my Microsoft account when installing Win10 like I would normally due to no internet connection. Instead I had to create a user and add a bunch of secure questions.. When I get into Windows 10 I had the option to Download Armoury Crate to install my network driver. How when it needed the driver to download but it did so.

When I did Windows 11 No such thing. Routine OS install, enter my account details and verify using my phone. When I wiped 11 cause its horrid I went back to 10 and had the same no connection until I get into windows and let Armoury crate install my network drivers by magically accessing the internet because their are noo drivers installed /face+palm

Dec = 0807, I think
Recent was 1304 and I have since updated to 1504. Any chance the Bios now has some basic Network driver W10 installation can use so I can just login like every other board I've had for decades or is that only function if I were using W11?