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Why Has Asus Not been Updating Chispet Drivers for z790?

Level 10

their chipset drivers are from a year ago.. they updated it once but took it down once they realized it was actually a bad driver(intels fault. not Asus)....then never updated it again.


we know with Mokichu that intel has released several more chipset drivers for z790. i look at AMD chipset drivers from asus and they are updating that nonstop on the support page. Why is intel z790 being left out?

people may have downloaded the bad chipset drivers and never updated or rolled back because they didnt know.


Level 9

Yeah agree with you. Don't know why are they so late. Do you use mokichus drivers? cause it has different setup like with cmd. Don't know should i trust.

Your decision to use MoKiChU's drivers or not of course. They are still from Intel, just more recent and you can trust them 100%. I use all of his drivers and he does an amazing job. The same drivers will come out on the Asus support page eventually. They have a .cmd install option because they haven't been packaged by Asus. Run the .cmd install file as admin to make sure things work properly.

The only thing I will add (do it anyway) is to backup your OS regularly in case you get a problem. Quick restore and you're good again.  

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also download and uninstall the old one first and just for precaution, turn off all access to internet, and install the boss drivers.  as well here using his drivers with any issue and if there are compoments or parts of the drivers he push it also. 

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