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White VGA Light problem B760M Plus Wifi DDR5

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I put together a DDR5 system. Here's the problem in a nutshell:
I start the computer, the white VGA light comes on and does not go off. But when I reboot, the screen comes up faster, the image comes up faster and I can also open the BIOS screen. But when I first start, the image comes up too late and I cannot open the BIOS screen. I have to reboot. When I bought the motherboard, I checked if the processor and RAM are compatible with the motherboard, but I could not solve this problem. My BIOS is up to date. Even when updating, the BIOS screen does not open, I keep restarting and restarting. If I plug in the DPI cable and HDMI, the same problem occurs, I write my system parts below.
(First I press the power key of the computer and then I press the power key of the screen and the white vga light goes out). Is there a solution for this?
With image and video link.
Motherboard: ASUS TUF Gaming B760M Plus Wi-Fi DDR5 7200MHz.
Processor: i5 14600KF.
RAM: Kingston Fury Beast KF556C40BBK2-32
Memory: MLD22M300P13-500
MLD M300 500GB NVMe 2280 GEN3x4 M.2 SSD (3300 MB read / 3100 MB write)
Video Card ASUS Dual 3060 Ti o. C8GB 256bit LHR.
Monitor: Casper Excalibur 23.8 200Hz 1ms 300nit Curved FreeSync + g- Sync FHD LED.

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-04 at 00.39.12.jpeg




Hello 0ghuzhanAkll

When restarting, keep tapping the delete key until the bios screen appears.

It's normal for the white vga light to stay on if you're connecting the monitor cable after booting.

Rebooting with the monitor cable connected should get the white vga light to go out.





i don't want to have a problem when i press the power button on the case. only when i press the power button on the case my bios screen doesn't come up and i have to say restart or i have to press the power button on the monitor after pressing the power button. I love everything about Asus but the motherboard makes me so sad. The system takes 8 seconds to boot up when the vga light is not on. When the vga light is on it boots in 12 to 20 seconds. The worst part is that after updating the bios, the light comes on again and there is no image. I press and hold the power button of the case and restart.
My video card, motherboard and psu are Asus products.


Are you using an HDMI cable?

I see your monitor supports Displayport 1.2, but doesn't come with a displayport cable.

Would you have a displayport cable to try?